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Statement of Joseph DiNorcia, Jr., President of SIECUS on the Supreme Court Ruling in Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood

New York, NYToday is a dark day for all of us who place the health and safety of women above ideology and politics.  This week’s decision by the Supreme Court undermines more than 30 years of previous rulings, and reveals the dangerous direction in which this Court is heading.

We strongly believe that decisions about a woman’s health should be made by the woman herself, in consultation with her doctor, and not by politicians or other outside forces.  The current administration, however, has shown time and time again that it is willing to push its own ideology of interference even in the face of overwhelming popular opinion, the best medical science, and common sense.  Banning a procedure that, at times, is the safest for women is just the latest example of the backward logic this administration and its judicial allies are forcing upon the country.

While we are disappointed and saddened by this week’s ruling, we will continue to work with, and support, organizations that represent the majority of Americans in their desire to keep abortion safe and legal for all women.