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Golden Globes Show Progress for LGBTQ Actors, Roles


There were a lot of winners this past weekend at the Golden Globe Awards, not the least of which was the LGBTQ community. It gives us great pleasure to be able to praise the films, shows, and actors who are doing so much to move LGBTQ issues into the mainstream. 
The past few seasons in television and film seem to have brought a sea change to a more multidimensional, realistic portrayal of LGBTQ characters and meatier, better roles for LGBTQ actors. The Golden Globes highlighted this change with awards for the show “Glee” and two of its actors, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch. Another big winner was “The Kids are All Right.” The movie won the award for best film, musical or comedy, and Annette Bening won the award for best actress in a musical or comedy for her role. 
The more that Americans, and especially young people, are able to see and be exposed to LGBTQ individuals, the more we will see compassion and understanding increase in all aspects of life, and we are happy to see a mainstream awards show that recognizes this.